Corporate Travel


Account Management
In order for us to provide the best possible service, we put at your disposal a wide range of offers to give you mobility and get you prepared for any eventuality. We know that trust is of utmost importance and that nothing can interfere with your business in this regard.
With our Business Services you will have access to:

•Account Management Services – We provide an excellent service, through a dedicated consultant, including billing, management reports and suggestions for cost control.

• Permanent Communications – An option to always keep close to your consultant, we are available via Skype, phone and email.

• Travel Assistance Services – Our consultants understand that management and time efficiency are important to your business. Therefore, we offer several services that assist you on your journey, such as the Online Check-In and the Delivery & Collection of documents, which were designed to give you the greatest possible mobility.

• To know you best – We create records of preferences, by customer, according to the travel policy issued by your company. 


We believe in maximum personalization of our service. Thus, we have the ability to present our solutions in a highly personalized format and specially dedicated to the passenger.


Individual solutions for your trip (including destination).


•Meetings, incentives, conferencing, exhibitions

•Programs & sport events

•Luxury travel

•Tailor Made trips, Safaris, private planes, event organization, among others

•Corporate travel



•Technological innovation

• Professionals with the ability to respond to your corporate and leisure requests, avoiding having to go through various departments to handle all of your travels.

• Faster response times. The follow-up will always be given as soon as possible.

• Careful analysis of your requests, always with alternative solutions

• Customized service.